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Trauma Informed Eating (TM):

A Cutting Edge Approach To Healing Your Relationship With Food

All types relationships can be a challenge & some especially struggle with their relationship to food. If this is you, you may have noticed that resources on nutrition, especially in mainstream diet culture don’t discuss the ways that histories of trauma can impact our experiences eating & our relationship to food. They don’t address the root cause of the struggle & don’t talk about the trauma responses that can come up in our relationship to food & weight management.

Following a healthy way of eating, even mindful eating, intuitive eating, and especially following a diet in isolation for weight loss or weight regulation won't work as a sustainable solution because trauma responses will always come up & come back when making changes & setting goals.

That is why I have come up with the concept of Trauma informed Eating (TM) to create a new way of navigating through these incredible challenges to finally find healing w your relationship to food. With an emphasis on creating an environment of safety, shadow work, inner child work, polyvagal & attachment approaches, gut & anti-inflammatory health, plant foods, internal family systems therapy, embodiment, conscious relationships & esoteric wisdom, you’ll find everything you need with this approach to support your journey of conscious living, healing your & relationship with food & yourself

We all have experienced trauma, whether relational or an event, no one goes unscathed. Perhaps, u didn't get enough of things like emotional connection, or something happened to you like abuse. It wasn't your fault

Trauma recovery & healing your relationship to food is about building safety and security in the present. We cannot shame ourselves into healing. We need more compassion. This compassionate new approach offers a different way that takes the shame out of equation, to finally heal your relationship with food

What Can Trauma Informed Eating (TM) Include?

Create an Environment Of Safety
Create an environment conducive to accelerate your healing and releasing the compulsion with food


Attachment Blueprint & Food Relationship Style
Your attachment patterns are hidden inclinations from your childhood that inform automatic behaviors with food. Without knowing and breaking your attachment patterns, you will default back to responses that will keep you stuck & will prevent your success with having a healthy relationship with food


Releasing Immediate Pain
Learn attachment focused resources to minimize activation and polyvagal neural exercises to nurture feelings of more peace, calm and safety

Ayahuasca Vine Microdosing

There is an undeniable incredible and natural power in Ayahuasca.  An Ayahuasca ceremony can be a beautiful event, but many are hesitant to ‘go on a trip,’ especially if they have no prior experience with psychedelics. Through a non-hallucinogenic, Ayahuasca Vine Microdosing ritual, you can experience the anxiety-relief, stress-reduction, and overall sense of clarity, calmness, and self-love on a daily basis. 


Timeline Of Potential Dysregulatory Events & Embodiment Practices
Your body tells the story of your lived experiences where words sometimes can’t speak. Learn what your body story is & learn how to feel safe in your body once again


Map Your Nervous System
Polyvagal Theory offers a way to understand the human autonomic nervous system and directly engage with our habitual patterns of response. Using a polyvagal perspective, we can bring an open heart to exploring the "ways and whys" of our daily experience with food. Profile your own nervous system to gain a deeper understanding of your body and the triggers and glimmers.


What “Parts” Are Stopping Your Healing with Food?
Using Internal Family Systems, an evidence-based parts therapy, and Shadow Work, to get to know your own parts that are stopping you from healing and what wound is stopping you living as your true self. Learn why they are keeping you stuck with food and then unburden them and integrate them into your true self.


Start To Heal The Fragmented Self
Using Flash EMDR to reduce activation and timestamp the memories into the past rather than causing triggers in the present in the hippocampus, the memory centre of the limbic system. Flash EMDR allows processing without thinking of the traumatic event.


Releasing Toxic Shame
Using interventions to forgive yourself and release any anger, shame and guilt you are feeling about your life releasing you from seeking external approval and validation


Gut and Anti Inflammatory Health

Learn how to deeply nourish yourself without dieting. The gut is interconnected with the brain. Healing your gut and decreasing inflammation in your body with plant foods supports the process of all the emotional healing and healing GI issues such as painful bloating, constipation & diarrhea


This isn’t a diet program, but rather a deep dive, experiential journey in which you will find everything you need to support you on the path of conscious living & healing your relationship with food & yourself


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