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Colleen Kuhn,

Hi! I am Colleen & I am very passionate about emotional health & plant based nutrition
I am a Trauma-Informed Dietitian.
What this means is, I help my clients get to the root cause of what’s keeping them stuck in their eating struggles, not just manage symptoms
I truly understand the agony in painful bloating, stomach issues, sugar addiction, low energy, anxiety, depression, lack of trust in oneself, instability, the exhausting yo-yoing of dieting & personal unfulfillment
This is why I have created the only Trauma Informed Eating Program available, to help you take the shame out of the process & finally heal your relationship with food
This includes gut microbiome health, embodiment, vagus nerve health, creating safe relationships & environments & discovering the root cause of your eating struggles through inner-child work, parts work & shadow work
My approach includes helping people create an energized & balanced body, mind, spirit through the healing powers of plants
I believe plants are here & have the power to wake us up
They are our medicine & our teachers
As Rosemary Gladstar brilliantly puts it, “The plants have enough spirit to transform our limited vision.”
I am so excited to be your guide, with plants being your healing teacher & medicine, in creating more hope, fun, playfulness, balance, connection, self-fulfillment, self-love, peace w food, personal freedom and possibility in your life
It is time, dear one, to come back home to yourself

With Compassion,

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