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Do you have low energy? Brain Fog? Want to lose a few extra pounds?

Plant-Based Registered Dietitian Colleen Poling is excited to share her holistic approach to nourishment and wellness, with this tailor made 7-Day recipe book. You will create, easy, delicious superfood dishes & drinks that will naturally nourish, detoxify, and heal your body.

Increase your energy, stamina, brain power, jumpstart your weight loss and feel amazing in just 1 week!

This meal plan has 3 calorie options: 1800, 1600 or 1400 calories. There is also a no oil option! This instant downloadable, 9 page PDF meal plan includes unique, mouthwatering recipes, a grocery shopping list, amazon shopping list, and directions on how to meal prep for the week. 100% Vegan, Gluten-Free and Soy-Free!

Note*** this is not a solution for long term weight loss, but rather a way to jumpstart the process. Recipe plans like these won't get to the root cause, and it is recommended to work with a dietitian with a trauma-informed persepective to uncover the source of your struggles, and to move towards healing it.

7 Day Superfood, Anti-Inflammatory Recipe Book

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